Better Together

“Better Together”

It is our hope that “The Marching” will continue all the way to the Ballot Box no matter how you choose to vote.

It could not be easier in this day to register and Vote. Whether by mail or at your local precinct but you must Register before you vote.  It is easy and simple and we are providing links here in order to make it simple and available for you.

We need to Vote this movement forward in order to “Make it matter & Make a difference.”

Wear our simple “Keep on Marching’ and Vote t-shirt.  Take part to get out a message to Vote and  Encourage others to keep Marching for Change.

We Must move forward together in order to make a change. In many States citizens have been victims of a system of suppression of their votes.  To resolve the issue we must make our system work. Registering and Voting is the first step.

Educate yourself, your friends and others. Your Vote really does matter.  Your Local government leadership is important.  These individuals in your community represent you and will influence rules and standards that effect your neighborhood directly.


  • Who can Vote?
  • How old do you have to be in order to Vote?
  • What other issues can effect your ability to Vote?

We have provided links on our site that will aid you in answering all of your Questions.

We hope that this will be of help to you.  Good Luck in the 2020 election!


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