846 In Memoriam

In commemoration & tribute to George Floyd we have created this cap that will forever mark the 8 minutes and 46 seconds the 846 that took George Floyd’s life.

846 Marks the moments when all of America: black, white, brown along with people of every nationality, stood together, sparking a movement that spread across our country and enlightened people of all ages, colors and ethnicities throughout the world.

We believe this is the most honorable way to pay tribute to George Floyd, as it inspires people not to forget…this is the best possible tribute we can give.

Symbolically also to the to so many others that have lost their lives at the hands of those
Who have sworn an oath To “Serve and Protect.”

We respect our Police forces throughout our country. Now is the time for Law enforcement to Police themselves, and rid our communities of individuals who have tarnished the reputation of those who truly serve our communities.